Boiler replacement in Cumbernauld

New boiler replacement plans in the Cumbernauld area

For many households in the Cumbernauld area the cost of a new boiler is too expensive to pay upfront with one large payment. Boiler companies are now offering boiler finance plans which means that you can get a new boiler on a "Pay Monthly" basis.

New boiler ScotlandThousands of families are choosing the newest way to replace their old or inefficient boilers and therefore benefitting from lower heating costs and substantial annual savings.

Why should I replace my boiler?

Heating your hot water and radiators accounts for up to 60% of your energy bills. So it is important that your boiler is heating your home efficiently. If not you are wasting energy and spending a large amount of money unnecessarily.

Many old boilers have a low energy efficiency rating. Replacing your old boiler with a new one can save you around £300 per year (based on the average  home in the Cumbernauld area). That could be £25 per month towards the cost of a new boiler. Furthermore, a new boiler will come with a warranty of up to ten years. So any boiler cover you have will not be needed. This means more savings on energy costs.

How much will a new boiler save me?

All new central heating boilers installed must now be condensing boilers. This type is more efficient as it preheats the cold water from your tap before it enters the boiler's burner. Condensing boilers fuction at up to 99% efficiency. This means that only 1% of heat generated is wasted.

The table below lists the energy efficiency and annual savings you can make by installing a new condensing boiler.

Condensing A Grade Boiler 99%  £186  £270 £368
Heavy weight 55%  £308  £458  £634
Light weight 65%  £266 £393  £542

Cost of a new boiler in the Cumbernauld area

 Boiler prices can vary  between installers depending on a number of factors -

  • property size / type
  • number of bathrooms
  • number of radiators to be heated
  • location of boiler
  • any additional wiring or pipework required
  • length of time needed to install new boiler
Prices will also vary depending on the type of boiler you require. Generally this will boil down to a choice of two types -

Combi Boiler - the most popular type installed in Cumbernauld.  This is a combination of a central heating boiler and hot water heater. Suitable for smaller properties a combi boiler does not require a storage tank and only heats the water you need.

Install combi boiler
in the same location
1 day
Install combi boiler in a different location 1- 2 days

Regular boiler - a regular, or conventional boiler heats your water and stores it in a hot water cylander. The cylinder or tank then provides hot water for your taps and radiators. This type of boiler is suitable for larger properties which have more than one bathroom and where hot water is required from multiple taps simultaneously.

Install combi boiler
in the same location
1 day
Install combi boiler in a different location 1- 2 days


Boiler plans in Cumbernauld

Live in Cumbernauld and need a new boiler installed but don't know where to start?

We can point you in the right direction. We can help you get a no obligation quote for any boiler or gas central heating service. 

Leave a few details via the form opposite and one of our local approved heating installers will contact you for friendly chat and answer any questions you may have regarding -

  • Best type of boiler for your home
  • Cost of a new boiler
  • Pay monthly boiler plans

This service is free to use. We do not charge you for advice or pass your details on to anyone.


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